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Monday, July 05, 2010

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Want it fix? Vote Tanabe 2006!

"Back Again In 2010!"

"Vote Tanabe 2010!!!"

Aloha, my name is Van Tanabe and thank you for visiting my site. As many of you may know "2010" is an election year, and I am running for Governor. Back in 2006 I also ran for office and my slogan back then was "Want it Fix? Vote Tanabe 2006!" Since nothing got better in the last 4 (8)years I could use the same slogan but 2010 doesn't rhyme with "Fix". So I'm going with "Back Again In 2010!" At this time I would like to extend a big mahalo to all of the people who believed in my solutions and voted for me in 2006. There were over 16,000 of you. A relatively small number for a state election, but not bad for someone who spent only $400 on their campain. Come September I will be humbly asking you for your support once again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for money, I'm asking you to share my solutions via my web-site with your closest friends and family. Besides who would you trust, a friend or an actor. By the way I would also like to also thank Governor Linda Lingle for proving that it doesn't matter if you are a republican or a democrat. It dosen't matter if you are a man or a woman. It dosen't even matter if you can raise over $5,000,000 in campain funds. None of this matters when it comes to solving our states problems. What matters is the solutions that a candidate brings to the table. This decision to run for office is not something I've always wanted to do, in fact I've only been voting since 2002. My decision to run for Governor is fueled by years of frustration from a government that seems to do nothing about everything, also I have a growing concern for our children's future and what kind of Hawaii are we leaving them? Will it be a Hawaii with difficulties and problems, or will it be a Hawaii with opportunities and promise, I prefer the second one. As voters it is our duty to elect our government officials, but how can you vote for someone if you don't know what their going to do?!@#% .What I mean is, we all know that every candidate is going to promise a better future for Hawaii. What you the voter should be asking is "How are you planning to do this?" The following is a list of things that I would do as governor to resolve our problems. Not only will I tell you how I intend on fixing the problem I'll also tell you how I intend on funding my programs.

"Twelve Things To Do As Governor"

1.Legalize the "Ohana Lottery".

2.Improve "Education" with a plan that gives more money to our schools and the educators that teach in them.

3."Reduce Crime and Improve Public Safety" by providing each county with more money to increase and maintain stronger Police Departments and Fire Departments.

4.Provide "Affordable Long-Term Care" by building and maintaining senior centers across our state, from Hilo to Hanalei.

5.Provide "Affordable Housing" if the state doesn't do anything now it will be almost impossible for our children to own a home in the future.

6.Provide "Employment" the people of Hawaii are tired of holding our breath everytime our "Mainland Owners" buy and sell the companies that we work for in order to support our families.

7.Change "Government" by allowing all the people to be apart of the law making through a voting process and let the majority rule!!! Wait!!! Isn't that how it suppose to be?

8.Diversify our "Economy" by supporting the local farmers and giving tax credits to businesses who also support our local farmers.

9.Utilize our "Local Workforce First" by creating an out-of-state workers fee we will be giving our local contractors a better chance at the bidding table. Keeping our local braddas & sistas working.

10.Reduce "Taxes" on food and medicine. This will be for everyone not just for the poorest of the poor but for everyone.

11.Addressing "Drug Abuse and The Homeless" the state needs to commit more funding into programs that help the less fortunate.

12.Bring back "Capital Punishment" just because.

Now that you know what Van Tanabe wants to do for you as your Governor, find out what the other candidates plan to do for you. After you the voter have looked at and compared each candidates solution to our problems, you'll be saying too... "Want It Fix? Should've Vote Tanabe 2006!" Click on "view my complete profile" at the top left corner to learn about my solutions.

Aloha and Mahalo

Van K. Tanabe